Giving for impact, 



giving ledger optimizes giving  

Giving Ledger offers an on-chain solution designed to optimize giving, making social impact an everyday reality. 

With Giving Ledger, giving becomes transparent, sustainable, and worthwhile.    




giving ledger innovates the philanthropy industry

Restores Trust


Smart contracts enforce donation transparency, dissolving public distrust for good.


Activates Impact

Matching public-driven agenda with innovative solutions, giving creates impact that matters.


Empowers Giving


Giving for the common good becomes a sensible and incentivizing mission to join.  


giving ledger activates impact that matters

smart contract

Impact Validation 

Transparency & impact becomes the rule

Decentralizes the validation process by empowering the givers as decision-makers in the project funding process. Givers deserve assurance that their contribution will lead to impact.

smart contract

Integrity Validation 

Designated use becomes a guarantee


Enforces honest and exclusive use of the donation by the designated end-user. Givers should not have to worry about their gift falling into the wrong hands or being used for unintended purposes.


Social Crowdfunding 


Global support for philanthropic causes and social organizations are channeled. Change requires resilient support, and every good cause deserves to be properly promoted.


Innovative Project Accelerator


Professional consulting and acceleration services are provided for pre-screened innovative social businesses and Giving Ledger's in-house social ICO projects.  Technology and innovation define the impact we strive to achieve.  





Transparent Traceability 

Track what you give


Donors can track their donation real-time and have access to how much of it is actually relayed or used.​


Give-by-Results (GbR)

Enforce and validate impact


Achieving and demonstrating proposed social impact becomes an obligation as every project is funded upon approval, taking on the active role of a validator.

Impact that matters 

Amplify impact everywhere


By bringing meaningful projects around the globe within reach for everyone to join and co-create, Giving Ledger enables public-driven amplification of impact that matters.

Sustainable Giving

What you give never runs dry

Fundraising is a formidable challenge every single time. Through Giving Ledger, every penny raised is spent with sustainability in mind, retaining what is given for continuous reuse for the common good.


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