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Giving Ledger is global movement that offers an on-chain philanthropy solution designed to optimize giving, making innovative social impact an everyday reality. With Giving Ledger, giving becomes transparent, sustainable, and worthwhile.    


We plan to do everything we can to make this world a better place, and we plan to do it with you.  Working in close collaboration with businesses, nonprofits, financial institutions, and the public as vital stakeholders to the causes and also as final beneficiaries, Giving Ledger will identify and address the problems that undermine justice and deter our collective prosperity.  Innovative projects and solutions will be sought, accelerated, promoted, and funded for within Giving Ledger’s growing ecosystem.




Giving Ledger aims to make philanthropic endeavor more compelling and easier to join. Public trust will be restored and commitment to make a difference will be bolstered. Donors will be empowered as validators for projects they support, and giving will yield real impact for everyone to see.  Philanthropic giving and transaction for the common good will become a sensible and attractive enterprise. By optimizing the way giving is done and the way it is spent, through Giving Ledger powerful and lasting social change will become an everyday reality.


Philanthropy calls for compassion, patience, and tenacity.  While these are noble qualities, and indeed form the very basis of every good effort for justice, the problems we face as humanity demand much more than just generosity and altruism.  Effective philanthropy requires a disruptive mindset, innovative thinking, rigorous strategy for scalability and sustainability. Giving Ledger strives to embrace and represent these essential virtues, and rebrand philanthropy by offering a game-changing protocol that will help make a lasting difference through every project supported.




At Giving Ledger, we strongly believe in the collective power of the public in addressing the social and environmental challenges everyone faces.  It is our goal to invite individuals to align their personal values and objectives into the way they give and encourage businesses and financial institutions around the world to take impact into consideration when they make investment decisions.  Investing for impact would not only enliven our communities but benefit investors and their reputation as socially responsible institutions.


There is no shortage of pressing social and environmental problems.  Everyone is welcome to identify an issue that is insufficiently dealt with and left untackled, to suggest a brand new idea to fund.  With Giving Ledger, the opportunities to make a difference is boundless. Choose or create a cause you want to support. Give to solve problems that matter to you.  Give only when gaugable results are delivered.



Join the movement. Let’s make a difference together!

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